The Colle Flaviano property aims to save the cultural patrimony that belongs to olive oil and its territory. For this reason it has chosen the “Fattoria” model of oil mill machinery created by Pieralisi which was made to help meet the requirements of small olive oil producers and demanding consumers. The mill is able to crush the olives on the same day that they have been picked which enables the making of a superior quality of oil, with an exceptional fruity taste and goodness, low acidity, made together with old traditional reliability and modern technology.

The oil mill, which is rigorously organic, is also able to produce a single variety of oil called “carboncella” which maintains the highest grade of polyphenols, the excellence of antioxidents.  With the system of the two phase centrifugal decanter belonging to the oil mill machinery “Fattoria”, besides securing a greater yield compared to the traditional oil mills, also resolves the problem of pollution of the waste water as the pomace oil obtained is an excellent organic fertilizer for the soil.


Loc. S. Maria, 25    02041 Casperia (RI) Italia



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