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At the foot of the Sabina hills, nestled between the secular olive groves, lies the farm Colle Flaviano          ( named after the ancient hill on which it stands ).

The family is originally from the Abruzzo region, a land of shepherds, and it is thanks to sheep farming that the ancestors of the owners, during the period of the transhumance (the seasonal moving of the herds), came to this territory rich in olives and with an excellent climate.

Settled in an old farmhouse, which previously was the shelter for their flock, they transformed it into a home enlarging it to house the numerous family. From shepherds they became farmers, passing on their love for the countryside and the olives surrounding the farm to their children and grandchildren.

The young owners, in line with this tradition, have opened their home to hospitality, which in the meantime has retained the original structure in hand sculptured stone, old Sabina style antique furniture, and the love for the olive groves continues with the opening of an oil mill which produces a special quality of oil, from the end of October till the middle of January.


                       Oil Mill